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A series of tips for fishing the Alness, covering tackle, tactics and pools:


005 - High Water Lies 1 (+1 to +2 ft, +30 to +60 cm)

by SalmonQuest - 16:28 on 03 July 2012

At the height of a spate, salmon will 'wait' in calm water for the water level to start to recede, before they begin migrating upstream. At this time, they are generally very 'takeable', and often only a short line is needed to cover taking fish. The best lies on a straight pool with flow through its centre, will be in a 'triangle of opportunity' each side of the main flow, defined by: the edge of the main current, the tail to the corner of the pool, and back along the edge of the pool some distance dependent on how fast the water is flowing. In addition to these triangles, if the flow is not too strong, the entire width of the tail, and to some distance upstream from there may hold fish.


novar fishings, river alness, salmon fishing tips, high water lies

In a pool on a bend, the flow will always be onto and along the outside of the curve of the bend. In high flow rates, salmon will seek relief and lie on the inside of the main flow and back to the tail. These pools are always fished best from the inside curve bank, and a short line cast down and across into the edge of the main flow will normally straighten and swing invitingly all the way to the near bank.

novar fishings, river alness, salmon fishing tips, high water lies

When fish begin to run, they will often pause at the heads of the pool, in slack water to the side of the white water, so these spots are always worth covering.

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