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novar fishings, river alness. salmon caught on beat 2, meadow flatsWe aim to provide monthly fishing reports for the River Alness on this page throughout the main salmon season from July. For latest catch news from the Novar Fishings' beats visit their Facebook page.

If you catch a salmon, sea-trout or quality brown trout on any of the Alness fishings, then e-mail us the details via the enquiries page and we will include it in our catch reports.

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Novar - Oct 2014

by Novar Fishings Manager - 16:03 on 17 November 2014

The warm dry conditions continued into the first week of October, and the fishing continued to be poor, but conditions finally changed for the better in the second week after 24 hours of rain around the 7th, resulting in the second ‘just-in-time’ fill-up of Loch Morie this season. The fishing that followed was not as good as might have been expected though given the high water conditions, but 28 fish were banked in the second week, including 7 for Sam Hatfield and 4 for Ross Hukins. As soon as the spate receded, so did the catches and the 3rd week of the month proved as frustrating as most of the season, with unseasonably warm weather and the salmon apparently reluctant to take.

Rain returned on the 19th, and the following week was showery, which kept water levels high but fishable, and 27 fish were landed, including a first salmon for 10-year old Otto Kulow, a fish of 7 lbs, from Beat 5 on the 24th.

The last week of the season was wet, but again exceptionally mild. Water levels were good, and there was a small run of fresh grilse & salmon, but the fishing was still slower than expected given these conditions at this time. 24 fish were landed in the last 5 days though, including two first salmon of 4 lbs and 7 lbs, caught respectively by Carolina Luciana and Michelle Jordan, from Beat 2 on the 28th.

The total on the Novar beats for October was 86 salmon & grilse, bringing the season’s total to 154 fish.